Student Care Bureau International | Our Services
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Our Services

University Care & Admission Service


Our University care and Admission services include help with university admissions, visa applications, accommodation arrangements and scholarships.

One-one-One Advice


Our one-on-one advice includes advice with selecting Universities, planning for accommodation and budgeting and other educational advice. We consider each case individually and consider your personal and educational needs.

Career Advice


Our honest and professional career advice includes gaining part-time or full time work while studying or during the holiday periods, finding jobs, CV writing, and cover letters.

Private Boarding & Summer Schools


As part of our further education programmes, we are partnered with several private boarding schools across the UK to give your child the quality education they need to succeed. We also offer summer school programmes that can help in extra tuition or deciding which university to attend.

English Language Courses


The ability to speak English fluently is a requirement in all UK universities and colleges. We offer a wide range of courses and sessions to help improve and develop your English in all areas (i.e. reading, writing, speaking and listening).

Visa Applications & Advice


Student Care Bureau is able to direct you to a qualified person such as a registered Immigration Adviser or Immigration & Compliance Manager at the University to give you guidance about the type of visa required to enter and stay in the UK as a full time student. Alternatively, you can visit the government Home Office website for more information.

International & Local Education Placement Service


Student Care Bureau provides a personalised service to every student. We listen to your needs with our hearts, analyse your situation in detail and give our honest and appropriate advice. We will work together with you. we believe in helping you to make the most appropriate decision with the final decision being made by the students themselves. Any problems and we’re right on hand (and in the right time-zone) to help. We can communicate in many languages as we work with multilingual staff. We know what students and universities are looking for and we like to put the education providers together with the right students. Student Care Bureau consultants are highly trained and skilled. We are proud to provide a one stop educational support service to students who are living or studying in the UK.


  • Study abroad advice and guidance
  • Private or group tuition for a wide range of subjects at any level
  • Education consultant with honest independent advice
  • Preparing application and UCAS support to universities
  • IELTS preparation course and tuitionLanguages support such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, Farsi and other European languages
  • Welfare and pastoral care and interim support for students
  • Accommodation arrangement and travel assistance
  • Continued support and advice while studying and living in the UK


All other interim support for students including: Emergency communication support between the student, parent or guardian.


Our services do not stop here as we provide continuous assistance and care. Speak to our consultants who are available 24 hours, 7 days a week for bespoke solutions. No job is too small for us.